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  • Start date
    06-02-2024 18:00
  • End date
    18-06-2024 20:00
  • Course length
    18x Lesson
  • Class duration
    120 Minutes

Intermediate 1 (Level A2.1)

For students who can already communicate on a basic level in routine situations.

In Intermediate 1, you will learn to have conversations related to personal and family information, shopping, your surroundings and your work. You will learn to communicate and write well in routine situations.

Grammar covered in this course:

  • Possessive articles
  • Perfect Tense and Simple Past
  • Two-way prepositions
  • Forming nouns from verbs
  • Adjective endings
  • Prepositions of time
  • Adverbs of time
  • Conjunctions
  • Reflexive verbs


Intermediate 2

Follow-up course to Intermediate 1, moving on to speaking independently

Grammar covered in this course:

  • Joining sentences
  • Verbs with dative and accusative
  • Indirect questions
  • Prepositions of place
  • Verbs with prepositions
  • Simple Past for modal verbs
  • Asking questions
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Future I
  • Subjunctive II

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Price (AUD) $390.00
  • Course / group name
    Intermediate / Intermediate 1 in Carine (North of the River)
  • Location
    High School - Everingham Street
    Everingham Street 51
    6020, Carine
    Western Australia
  • Info
    We offer multiple levels of intermediate courses at multiple locations - choose from our north of the river location in Carine or south of the river in Leeming!

Classes Schedule

  • Every Tuesday
    18:00 - 20:00

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